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Merry Christmas!

Okay, my sincerest apologies; yes, it was me who was humming Christmas tunes the week before Thanksgiving; and yes, I’ve been glued to the Hallmark channel and have seen almost every version of “A Christmas Carol” at least twice. Well, the non-animated versions that is. Can we please keep the joy of this season year round?

Snow falling outside, the fireplace warming your toes and a good book in your lap; the best winter activity. I’ve priced “Under Danni’s Window” and “Sarah’s Stone” for the holidays because nothing makes a better gift than a good book. You can find them both on Amazon; just follow the links above.

Remember, if you’re near to Newmarket New Hampshire, stop by “Good Juju by Ceci”; Ceci has priced the titles for the holidays and I’ve signed them all! Get a little “Good Juju” for Christmas!

May the joy of the season follow you and your loved ones throughout the whole year.

Best Wishes;


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