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Peter and his friends were considered nerds.  What made them so different from the popular kids at school were the things that cemented their friendships and kept them close since grade school.  With high school approaching fast, Peter wanted to make this the best summer they had ever had.  Unfortunately, this summer would test their friendships and change them in ways they had never imagined.  For Peter, he had to face challenges that he had always avoided in the past; a relationship with a bully and thoughts of a girl.  As intelligent as he was, he was woefully unprepared for the events he was about to face.  It would indeed be a summer that would change all their lives forever.

No one really knew the true power of the stone. Not those who possessed it; certainly not those who sought to.  Aldo, who considered himself a thief of extraordinary skills, only knew that he was paid handsomely to chase a family heirloom around the world.  He knew nothing of the broken lives and dead bodies that punctuated the tangled history of the little green stone. From a dark cemetery in St. Petersburg to the small islands off the coast of Maine, Aldo searched for the elusive stone, always just one step behind it; and unknowingly, just one step ahead of the fate that had befallen those who had come before him.  Would he find the stone, and a halfway decent cup of tea, before the power of the stone changed his fate too?

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