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Sarah’s Stone is an international thriller with mystic overtones.  But it’s more than a thriller; it’s an exposition into the dreams and desires of the characters that inhabit the story. What would you do, or give to make your dreams come true?  What would you be willing to pay, to endure? Or do we only dream about those things that have no cost?

I fashioned Aldo as a simple man; proud, inquisitive, with distinct peculiarities, much like we all have. I wasn’t going for the formulaic hero or protagonist though; I wasn’t trying to imagine him as the  “every-man” type or the ubiquitous “bad-boy with a big heart” character.  No, I wanted Aldo to be who he was, true to himself as I imagined him. He was a simple thief, a con artist to be sure. But he is morally indifferent to his trade, although he considers himself a thief of “extraordinary skills.” He doesn’t lose sleep over his petty crimes; he revels in the care and perfection with which he approaches them. He’s proud to say that he will never be caught, although there is some dark unexplored history that keeps him in the employ of his shady, Russian industrialist benefactor.  Could it be that even though he was paid well to follow the priceless little green gem around the globe, there might be some other, darker reason for his perseverance, aside from money?  Perhaps something in his past that might make him susceptible to blackmail?  One wonders, as Aldo is loathe to carry a weapon and avoids violence at any cost. Maybe his dream was a final payday for securing what he thought was nothing more than a family heirloom.

The stone is the unattainable dream that many of us chase. A dream that comes at a great cost, one that we would probably never pursue if we knew how it would all work out. But that’s not how it works with dreams. For Aldo, the chase of the stone was nothing more than a challenge that grated on his vanity; he didn’t wish to possess it. But he wouldn’t stop until he attained it.

Be careful of the dreams you chase, for they might just come true; but at what cost?

Please enjoy “Sarah’s Stone”.  It can be purchased here on Amazon.

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