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"There’s no money in poetry, but then there’s no poetry in money either."
– Robert Graves

It is the pleasure of the writing that motivates me; setting free the multitude of characters who wander my subconscious, waiting to be seen, wanting to be heard. I’d like my readers to find themselves standing beside my characters on whatever rutted dirt road they wander; to sit across from them on the bus or at the lunch counter; to share their pains, pleasures, disappointments and achievements.   

The right word, the right phrase, the right time; as rewarding as the finest wine or the best chocolate. This, for me, is the real joy in writing.

I only want to be a good father. No greater responsibility can be placed on any man's shoulders; No greater reward can be had.

J.A. Paquette



I’m a father first. Above everything else, I cherish my wife and kids. Everyday, they teach me something.
I love golf and have mastered the art of playing poorly. I cannot put a value on my guitars or piano. I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, because I never want to grow up. My best friend is an 85-pound, flat-coated retriever; he refuses to grow up too. I was raised as an Air Force brat which gave me my love of travel. I spent a lot of years in California which gave me love of New England. I’d rather read than watch TV, but if I must watch TV, I’ll search for bugs bunny, old westerns or I’ll drive the family nuts and veg out to the history channel.

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